Custom Computers - New Systems - Computer Repair & Upgrade - Same location since 1994

Johnny Morgan, founder and owner of Custom Computers, started working in the family shoe repair business at the age of 11. He bought his first business, Watkins Shoes in Pleasant Hill California at age of 17.  Johnny understood that customer satisfaction and not the quick buck was the key to success. That core understanding of business led into five other shoe stores by the age of 22. In the early 1990's, the shoe business was on the decline due to the influx of low cost imported shoes.  Johnny opened Custom Computers in 1994.

Over the years, the computer business has changed and continues to change. Custom Computers has changed with it. In the early days of computers most of the money was made building systems, support was secondary to many companies. Custom Computers has flourished while many failed because we have always focused on customer service, satisfaction and support.

We strive for long term customer relationships. We have hundreds of customers that we continue to serve for over 15 years. We learned a long time ago that some folks do not want to get to know their computer, they just want to use them without a hassle. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has paid off better than a slot machine!

Treat your employees right and they will treat your customers right. We have a wonderful staff. Unlike most computer geeks they deal with people better than they deal with computers and have been with us for years.

Johnny -  "Some say that I am lucky.  Well it seems that the harder I work, the luckier I get.

" Johnny is a long time member of The Clayton Valley/Concord Rotary Club, a contributor to the Salvation Army and several other local charitable organizations. Community service is a very important part of his life.
  • Highly trained staff. We have seen just about every possible problem over our 16 years in operation
  • We are a real business with a storefront, licensed and insured
  • We are experts in almost every aspect of computers and networking
  • We are committed to our customers and strive for long term relationships (see Current Customers List)
  • We service everyone, from single home user to large institutions
  • We treat every customer like they are our largest commercial account
  • We can come to your home or office for on-site repair and installation
  • We will be honest with you. We will not drive your bill up with unneeded work. We will in many cases advise you to come to us or have it picked up by our delivery people if the type of work will become unreasonably priced on-site
  • Building Custom built Gaming systems since 1995, We know what it takes to make your game run
  • High Quality Custom built Computers, workstations & Super Micro servers. We do not build cheap stuff
  • We have been in the remote technical support business since before it had a name
  • Most of our customers are in Contra Costa County, however, we have customers all over the United States
  • We are specialist in hard to fix laptop hardware problems, laptop jack replacement is a good example